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Russian ruble falls with oil prices

Russian ruble continues to fall due to the progressive decline in world oil prices.

Russian ruble falls with oil prices

Against the background of the world oil prices fall below $ 46 per barrel, the Russian ruble has updated its lows against the U.S. and European currencies.

This morning on the Moscow Stock Exchange the dollar exceeded 65 rubles, and the euro reached 77 rubles.

At the opening as of 10:10 am Moscow time the dollar's rate to the ruble was 64.44 rubles, which is 1.27 rubles more as compared to the previous day's close. The euro's exchange rate to the ruble rose by 1.62 rubles and reached 76.3 rubles.

In this case, the dollar has updated its maximum since December 17 on the background of the Brent oil prices decline below $ 46 per barrel for the first time since the spring of 2009. As of 8:18 am Moscow time February futures price for North Sea Brent crude oil mixture has reduced by 1.39% – up to 46.30 dollars per barrel. February futures price for WTI light crude oil has decreased by 1.52% – up to 45.19 dollars per barrel.