Crimea to build a tunnel under Kerch Strait

Crimea to build a tunnel under Kerch Strait

Crimean occupational authorities announced about the start of the project of construction of  a tunnel under Kerch Strait. The project will cost 122 billion rubles. The project has already  been approved by occupational authorities and the administration of Kerch, Joinfo.ua reports to Allcrimea.net.

The construction will begin in December, 2015. The period of the first stage of construction will last for 22 months – as a result, the tunnel in general will be almost ready.

General Director of the constructor, InzhTehInvestStroy, Boris Zveryukov stressed, that the tunnel will not be a competitor for a bridge across  the Kerch Strait.

“We do not compete with  the bridge crossing in any case. Bridge – is our everything, it is sacred. The tunnel has several other functions. It will be primarily the artery between logistics centers, located on both sides, “- he said.

The length of the tunnel will be 14,700 meters and it will consist of two identical tunnels, each with two-lane road.

The emergency exits to the auxiliary passage will be constructed between the tunnels at each 300 meters.

According to the project the tunnels will be able to pass about 45,000 cars per day, and at first the tunnel will be a toll road. “We plan to gradually reduce the tariffs. We also consider the possibility of free use of the tunnel for Kerch citizens”, – promised Zveryukov.

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