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Ukraine and Russia agreed to return each other’s trucks home after banning transit

The two countries agreed on a grace period to allow cargo vehicles to return home after banning transits by each others' carriers
Ukraine lifts ban on Russian truck traffic transit from February 25

Over 600 Ukraine-registered trucks that are currently on Russian territory will now be allowed to leave, and approximately 600 Russia-registered trucks will be allowed to exit Ukraine before the borders are closed again, Ukraine’s Transport Ministry said. The grace period will last through February 25, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to Radio Liberty.

Russian cargo haulers are having an increasingly difficult time reaching Europe. Moscow’s transit agreement with Poland — another key mainland route to the EU — lapsed at the beginning of February and Russia-registered cargo trucks are no longer allowed to enter Poland.

Until this problem is resolved, many Russian truckers have been switching to Belarusian vehicles so they can continue their trek through Poland, the Transport Ministry said.

It should be recalled that on February 15 Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers imposed a temporary ban on the transit of Russian-registered cargo vehicles through Ukraine’s territory. Later Russia has halted all Ukrainian cargo trucks on its territory.

On 11 February Ukrainian activists began to block transit trucks with Russian registration plates in Zakarpattya region near border with Slovakia and Hungary, where Russian trucks were redirected after Poland suspended cargo transportation agreement with Russia.