Daily Archives: 18.09.2014

Egg from Mars

The scientists found something egg-like similar to the fossilized cell in a meteorite from Mars that fell in Egypt. Scientists are stumped: they can not explain this strange discovery, and journalists are telling about the Martian microbes. Unusual ovoid structure, ...

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Amazon Fire HD 6 starts at $ 100

Amazon introduced a new line of tablet computers Fire HD 6, equipped with 6-inch screen with 1280 x 800 pixels resolution. In the United States, a base modification with 8 GB of internal flash memory and display advertisements at "home" ...

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Photoshop: because people know better

The interest in funny pictures heightens more and more. Human mind just blows the Internet away every hour. It is worth noting that every time people improve their skills with graphics programs. They sarcastically touch on the most urgent topics ...

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