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Volcano erupts in Hawaii

On the Big Island of Hawaii, where the Kilauea volcano erupted, local residents are being evacuated. The flow of molten lava of about 100 meters in width is moving at the speed of 10-15 meters per hour, reports Russian Service ...

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Angelina Jolie became blonde

Recently, media has been talking about the Hollywood diva Angelina Jolie more often. Most recently, she finally officially married her common-law husband and father of her children Brad Pitt. But this does not impedes her from active shooting. The actress ...

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King David Story to be filmed

The movie will be based on the story "David: the Divided Heart", written by Rabbi from Los Angeles David Wolpe. The film will be shot together with Gulfstream Pictures. "David is the most complex hero and anti-hero in the Bible," ...

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Facebook becomes payment system

Thus, the American student Andrew Aude included the function of remittances into the social network Facebook. It is reported that it can be run in the near future. Thus, users can send money using personal messages. Money can be attached ...

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Jim Carrey will not marry again

The star of "The Mask" movie which has been bound by ties of Hymen with Lauren Holly and Melissa Vomero, still loves women and do not mind having lasting relationship with them, but without marriage. The other day, Jim was ...

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