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Daily Archives: 06.10.2014

Ebola heads off to Europe

An effective way to reduce the threat is to reduce flights from West Africa: 80% air traffic decrease will reduce the risk more than twice. The specialists of Northeastern University in Boston, led by Professor Alex Vespignani tried to model ...

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Scientists made alcohol move

The ability of independent movement is generally considered one of the characteristics of living beings, or, in extreme cases, robots. Dr. Martin Hanczyc decided to pick this axiom to pieces, conducting an experiment at the University of Southern Denmark. He ...

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Man dies from plague in China

It was stated by Xinhua on this Saturday with reference to the local Board of Health and Family Planning. "In Gansu Province 45-year-old man died from the plague," said the statement. The shepherd named Ma died in a hospital on ...

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Lady Gaga made monster tattoo

No matter what Lady Gaga believes that even if she gains weight she will remain chic and inimitable. She like to surprise, for example, by wearing raw meat or diver mask. In addition, the Monster Queen decided that there is ...

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