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Daily Archives: 18.10.2014

Funny show business stars’ doubles

Life is mysterious. Every day some strange moments may happen. Sometimes, you walk past a person, and you catch yourself thinking that you’ve already seen him somewhere. It is not necessarily the signs of deja vu. It’s just that people ...

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Zac Efron is dating Sami Miro

26-year-old Efron and Sami were seen on the Dodgers vs Giants game at the stadium in Los Angeles. For the first time the couple was seen in Copenhagen, Denmark, where they were accidentally photographed by the paparazzi on October 11. ...

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Richard Gere is bachelor again

Recently it became known that the ageless handsome man Richard Gere had divorced his wife, with whom he spent 11 years, and started a new love affair. It is worth noting that Dalai Lama himself made it happen. Now the ...

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