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Daily Archives: 14.11.2014

Stylish mom Beyoncé shows her daughter

Beyoncé is rightly awarded the status of the main fashionista. She and her entire family, including a two-year baby, demonstrate impeccable street style. They delight their fans with stylish clothes of famous designers. Little Blue Ivy, who doesn't mind wearing ...

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Thought transfer from brain to brain

According to the research, scientists were able to make a sensational conclusion – people can communicate by thought. The "collocutors" were located in different parts of the planet. A person who was conveying his thought were in France, and the ...

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Ebola vaccine available in 2015

It was announced by David Nabarro, Senior UN System Coordinator for Ebola Virus Disease. According to him, currently there are tested two vaccines that have sufficiently good prospects to fight Ebola, joinfo.ua reports. If experimental drugs pass all tests, in ...

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