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Daily Archives: 17.11.2014

The first ever selfie

The world's first selfie was taken 8 years before the invention of a phone, and 168 years before iPhone. According to the report of the Library of Congress (as well as the publication of Popular Mechanics), the first photographic portrait ...

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Beyoncé celebrates younger sister’s wedding

According to media reports, this weekend 51-year-old producer and his 28-year-old wife exchanged vows of fidelity. The wedding was quite unusual, joinfo.ua reports. Only 50 people attended the wedding, including singer Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z. After the wedding ceremony ...

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Ebola vaccine tested on humans

For the first time, the medical experts from Canada and the United States tested the vaccine developed against Ebola on humans. The vaccine they were working on for several years was named VSV-EBOV. NewLink Genetics Corporation, which develops Bio-pharmacological agents ...

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