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Daily Archives: 25.11.2014

Ebola reaches Italy

Doctors say the patient's condition is stable. It was reported in the WHO. As it became known, Ebola fever attacked the doctor of the humanitarian group during his work in Sierra Leone, near Freetown, joinfo.ua reports. Earlier Stylianides Christos, a ...

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Woman heads Pentagon

In 2009-2012 Michele Flournoy has made a spectacular career in the Pentagon, which was beyond the power of many combatant commanders, becoming, in fact, the third-ranking official in the U.S. Department of Defense, joinfo.ua informs. She is held in respect ...

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Wi-Fi causes allergy

Today it is hard to imagine our life without Wi-Fi. But the studies have shown that about 5% of the total population of the planet can be sensitive not only to electromagnetic waves of microwave ovens and cell phones, but ...

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Scarlett Johansson secretly got married

Scarlett Johansson, who celebrated her thirtieth birthday the day before yesterday, does not live exclusively her work. Recently the star became a mother, and now, most likely, even a wife. Recently paparazzi noted one interesting thing: at a charity auction, ...

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