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Daily Archives: 16.12.2014

U.S. Navy to use fish spies

As reported, within the "Silent Nemo" project U.S. Navy have successfully tested robotic fish for underwater reconnaissance. It is noted that the project has involved not only military but also civilian experts. The tests have been conducted in the United ...

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Immortal man lives in India

The resident of India states that death has forgotten him, and perhaps he is immortal. According to the old man, he was born in 1835 in southern India in Bangalore (Karnataka), and 111 years ago he moved to Varanasi. According ...

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iPhone to replace driving license

In the United States it was decided to conduct an experiment, replacing driving license with iPhone application. Iowa State is the first state to recognize mobile app a full analogue of the license. Soon, drivers will be able to show ...

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Milla Jovovich changes her name

Milla Jovovich wants to change her name for the second time. Ukrainian-born actress and model is married to director Paul W.S. Anderson and so far her full name is Milla Anderson-Jovovich. But the actress wants to switch the surnames around ...

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