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Daily Archives: 26.12.2014

Wimpy Obama defeats tough macho Putin

The Israeli news portal Globes.co.il has published some information about the relationship between Obama and the Senate. The authors of the publication noted that last week saw more active and decisive actions of Obama, who has been quite passive lately. ...

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U.S. bans its planes to fly to Ukraine

The decision was made due to security concerns. According to the Official Gazette of the United States government, the ban is imposed on "certain flight operations" throughout the Dnipropetrovsk area of air traffic control in Ukraine. In particular, the ban ...

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Britney Spears keeps healthy lifestyle

Apparently her new relationship with the businessman Charlie Ebersol affects favorably the pop star. Not so long ago the star appeared in the cover of fashion magazine Women's Health with her neat figure, and started doing extreme sports. The woman ...

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NASA to colonize Venus using airships

Despite the unfavorable conditions for human life on Venus, NASA representatives plan to create human colonies on this planet. The atmospheric pressure on the Venus surface is about 90 times higher than on Earth, the average surface temperature reaches 450 ...

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