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WHO approves 15 minute Ebola test

The World Health Organization approved a great discovery – 15 minute Ebola blood test, developed by U.S. firm Corgenix Medical Corp. WHO spokesman Tarik Jasarevic reported: "It's a first rapid test. It's definitely a breakthrough." According to BBC, it should ...

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Apple tests unmanned system

Apple has already started its work on the service, similar to Google Street View. Dodge Caravan is already making regular trips along the streets of Coral Springs, Florida, with the system of 12 survey cameras fixed on its roof. They ...

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John Herbst: Putin will not stop

Ukrainian new agency The Day asked John Herbst, a former American envoy to Ukraine, his opinion on the issue of weapon delivery to Ukraine and whether the appointment of Ash Carter as a new head of the Pentagon would change ...

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Russia to stop anonymizing web traffic

According to the news agency Motherland, the government of the Russian federation intends to block Tor, a browser and network that anonymizes web traffic. Certain domains have been blocked in Russia since 2012, when a blacklist law went into effect, but the ...

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When science becomes magic

This short film is documenting a live performance, captured entirely in camera. It is much harder to describe the transformation taking place with the screen in the video than it may seem. This is exactly the case when it is better ...

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