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Georgian Cabinet of Ministers resigns

Levan Kipiani is the seventh minister, who resigned the government, and according to the Georgian Constitution, the resignation of one-third of the government entails re-obtainment of the vote of confidence in the Parliament. Kipiani resigned in protest against criticism by ...

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North Korea executes 15 officials

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un ordered to kill 15 government officials due to suspicion of disclosure of state secrets, Tyzhden reports. According to the intelligence agency of Seoul, the decision regarding the penalty was made during the closed session of ...

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Anne Hathaway to vote for Hillary Clinton

The 32-year-old American actress Anne Hathaway and her husband Adam Shulman supported support the former United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, as a candidate for the presidential elections. The woman wrote it on her Instagram. "I was just thinking ...

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