Culture News: Lolita wants to sue NTV for 100 million

Culture News: famous singer Lolita Milyavskaya wants to defend her reputation, and to sue journalists for 100 million rubles.

Lolita sues NTV Channel

Culture News: the scandalous Russian singer Lolita Milyavskaya decided to defend her honor and reputation. The artiste, who ardently supports Putin, sued the NTV Channel with the desire to sue it for 100 million rubles.

The source of Lolita's complaint was the release of the TV plotting about drunken brawl of the star in the Moscow metro. Milyavskaya have been waiting for an official apology from the TV journalists for two weeks, and then wrote a statement.

"I"m not accustomed to rudeness, and, of course, it was very unpleasant that I have been unfairly accused for disturbing public order. NTV Channel showed the story where, in their opinion, I was walking around drunk at 3 p. m.," said Lolita.

In addition, the culture news of Russia reported that the only thing that pleases the woman is the fact that her daughter does not use social networks, and does not see "these insane reprints about how her drunk mom is sitting near the subway".

Therefore, the night before 50-year-old Milyavskaya went and wrote a statement on the TV station with the requirement to pay a considerable monetary compensation. According to the lawyer of the singer Sergey Zhorin, the chances to seize 100 million rubles are very large.

It is to be recalled that recently Lolita said that she dreamt to eat only Russian products for all her life. In this way the artist responded to the grocery sanctions the Russian President Vladimir Putin imposed against his own people.

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