Barcelona defender Pique and Shakira will become parents again

Rumors about Shakira's pregnancy are confirmed. Previously, she stated that she would like to have many children, but her career did not allow having a second child.

Pique and Shakira will be parents again

Barcelona defender Pique and his girlfriend, a popular singer Shakira, prepare themselves to become parents for the second time. The pair already brings up a 19-month-old son, Milan. Information about the second pregnancy of the Colombian singer was confirmed in the Spanish Cosmopolitan magazine.

Earlier, the singer said that she wanted to have many children. She even joked that she and Gerard planned to create their own football team. However, earlier this year the singer stated that her career would not allow her to have another child.

It is to be recalled that the rumors about Shakira's pregnancy appeared in the media after her performance at the closing ceremony of the World Cup in Brazil. Then Shakira's fringe dress covered her belly. After the performance, some noted that she put on weight. But the Colombian media did not beat around the bush and announced the interesting condition of the singer. Some have argued that it is the third month of pregnancy.

A little later, a good friend and colleague of Shakira, Carlos Vives, also talked about an interesting condition of his friend during the music awards in Florida. The Latin American singer said that Shakira was expecting her second child from Gerard and she was happy.

Earlier, in her interview with Glam belleza latina Shakira told why she has not married Pique. According to Shakira, they already have everything they need and marriage will not change anything.

According to the singer, they have a mutual respect, a strong relationship and love for each other, together they raise a son. However, as Shakira noted, if she ever gets married she will marry only Gerard.

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Shakira confirms her second pregnancy

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