Zlata Ognevich presented new interpretation of Ukrainian national anthem

Popular Ukrainian singer Zlata Ognevich sensationally and perfectly performs the main Ukrainian song. But recently she breathed a new life into it.

Zlata Ognevich

The Ukrainian pop singer could not stay away from the politics. In these challenging times, they are on opposite sides of the barricades: Ani Lorak tried to take the position between two fires, keeping the Ukrainian and Russian fans. Zlata Ognevich, who was born in pro-Russian Crimea, showed herself as a patriot.

Most recently, she has created a new studio version of the Ukrainian national anthem, which is presented on her Facebook page.

In the social network, she writes that the song means a lot to us. Our genetic code is in it. "In the evening, I was working in the studio and decided to sing … Today my anthem of Ukraine has this mood".

It is to be noted that previously the singer told about how difficult are her parents lives now in annexed Crimea. She has not seen them for a long time. In addition, Zlata Ognevich refused to advertise the tourist season on the peninsula.

After this winter Euromaidan events, the singer resides in severe stress. Zlata's father is called a nationalist. Ognevich told that her whole life she was raised as a Ukrainian. Once a week they spent the day of the Ukrainian language, which was extremely difficult in Crimea.

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