Keanu Reeves celebrates the fiftieth anniversary

Handsome Keanu Reeves is 50

Keanu Reeves celebrates the fiftieth anniversary

Today, September 2, 1964, in Lebanon, one of the most famous actors, a Hollywood star Keanu Reeves was born. The old actor has English, Irish, Hawaiian and Chinese ancestry. All this provided him with such an unusual and attractive appearance.

The famous actor Keanu Reeves in the past did badly in school that is why he did not get school certificate. But it does not prevent him from becoming a world-famous star.

In the 70s, Keanu Reeves was keen on music. Previously, he was a bass player in several bands.

His career as an actor began after Keanu was invited for shooting in commercials. After that, he began acting in a variety of feature films under various pseudonyms. At that time, the producers decided that his real name was not very appropriate and would not benefit his career. However, despite this, in his most popular films, such as "Speed", "The Matrix", and "The Devil"s Advocate" he was acting under his real name.

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