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Spielberg makes “Minority Report” a TV series

Spielberg makes TV series "Minority Report"

Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg is going to make a TV adaptation of his famous sci-fi "Minority Report".

Max Borenstein ("Godzilla") will write a script for the future series, and Amblin Television studio, which filmed the original movie, will be engaged in production. It was informed by The Wrap.

Both the studio and the representatives of Spielberg and Borenstein so far refrain from making any comments.

Based on the eponymous science fiction story by Philip K. Dick, 2002 film tells the story about the police captain John Anderton (Tom Cruise), the Head of PreCrime police departmnet prevents crimes with the help of the visionaries ("precogs"), the people with the gift of foresight.

It is assumed that the leading role in the series will be given to an actor or actress of A league. It is unknown what kind of time warp will be filmed, and whether it is associated with the events of the feature film.

At the moment Spielberg works on a thriller about the times of the Cold War he has not named yet. The main role is rumored to be played by Tom Hanks. The famous filmmaker is busy adapting a children's book, "BFG, or Big Friendly Giant" by Roald Dahl, likely as a director. On television, Spielberg oversees "Extant" series for CBS channel and the upcoming Fox drama "Red Band Society" with Octavia Spencer in the lead role.

Currently Borenstein is working on the script for adventure-fantasy "Skull Island", directed by Neil Marshall.