Hayden Panettiere will give Klitschko a daughter

Cancelled bride Hayden Panettiere went to the 2014 Emmy Awards ceremony and blabbed about her future baby - boxer and actress are expecting a girl.

Hayden Panettiere on the red carpet of 2014 Emmy Awards

Hayden Panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko's wedding, scheduled for Independence Day, failed. The reasons are unknown and the boxer's fans can only wonder, what is the reason for celebration cancellation. However, the Hollywood actress does not look upset. She posted her "pregnant" photo in the evening dress with a plunging neckline on Instagram and gently reported, "It's a girl".

In a short interview on the red carpet, 2014 Emmy Awards Ceremony the Hollywood star announced that she was looking forward to the birth of their baby. Previously, due to considerably rounded belly she thought that she would have twins, and then she assumed that it would be a boy. The inner circle of Panettiere says she is inborn mother and the maternal instinct just breaks out. Hayden will make a great domestic goddess and reliable support for the Ukrainian handsome boxer.

Hayden shone on the red carpet of 2014 Emmy Awards alone. Her choice is now in Austria, he is preparing for the final battle in his career. Wladimir Klitschko announced the end of the sports career and he is preparing to leave big box. Perhaps when the boxer wins his last title he will devote himself to his beloved and their child, and finally marry the mother of his baby.

By the way, Hayden Panettiere was not the only pregnant celebrity on 2014 Emmy Awards. The actress Amanda Peet also appeared in a dress, emphasizing her interesting position. 42-year-old star will have the third child. The main character of the TV series "The Good Wife" Sophie Flack also showed her rounded tummy in the black skin-tight dress.

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