Jolie and Pitt finish shooting a movie

Soon, Jolie and Pitt will finish shooting their first joint film. The movie is going to be rich and interesting.

Jolie and Pitt finish shooting a movie

The star couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have almost finished shooting their first joint film. Presumably, the work on the film will be finished in November.

Now Jolie and Pitt are enjoying their honeymoon. The couple combined the shooting of their film "By the Sea" with the rest.

The plot of the new film and the film itself are very simple, but interesting. The spouses Roland and Vanessa decide to travel around the country. Roads and paths alienated them from each other. But once they get into the city, which changes their lives and draws them together. In this city, they meet people who completely change their outlook on their relationship.

Of course, Jolie and Pitt play the roles of the spouses. Angelina told why she has chosen this plot for the movie. According to her, the 70s are very colorful and alluring time. During this period, you can forget about the present and sink in travels and emotions.

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