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Greg Norman injures his hand with chainsaw

On Saturday the Australian golfer Greg Norman nearly injured his left hand with a chainsaw.

Greg Norman injures his hand with chainsaw

Norman, the golfer and entrepreneur, was cutting back trees at his home in South Florida when the a heavy branch pulled his left hand toward the chainsaw. He said the blade hit him just below his wrist. According to the doctors, it missed his artery by a fraction of an inch.

"Thank God the blade wasn't running full speed or it would have taken my hand off," Norman told AP. "I handled everything as calmly as I could. There is no major damage. There is nerve damage, but no muscular damage. They fixed me up and here I am."

Norman wrote about the accident in his Twitter.

The 1986 and 1993 Open Championship winner posted the picture in a hospital bed on social media Saturday night, assuring his fans that he was in good health despite the accident. And by the looks of his latest Instagram, Norman is holding up just fine.

Oddly enough, Norman had posted another Instagram a week earlier where he was standing near a tree and holding a chainsaw. "Time to trim the sea grapes today. Never ask someone to do something that you can do yourself. Love to work!"