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Where did Luke Skywalker from the 7th “Star Wars” go?

The online web paper InFamous expressed its guess concerning the plot of the 7th film of "Star Wars" franchise.

Stars Wars: Luke Skywalker

In particular, where did Luke Skywalker go, and where did his friends find him. Further information can hardly be considered a spoiler, since it is just an unconfirmed hypothesis, a fan-made rumor. So, the empire of Palpatine fell. Of course, Luke was engaged in the reconstruction of the Jedi Order. At the same time, Skywalker began to possess the proverbial Light Side of The Force so well, that he was able to incinerate the enemy lunkers barely looking at them.

Then Luke realized that the power would cause a powerful opposition from the Dark Side of the Force. Therefore, in order not to suffer his father"s fate, he self-exiled to the Dagobah planet (where he met Yoda). The premiere of the seventh part of the "Star Wars" is scheduled for December 2015.