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Pop star Rihanna returned to Barbados to become a mother

Pop star Rihanna flew to her homeland to baptize her little niece.

Rihanna and her goddaughter

Recently, the pop star Rihanna told her fans good news – she has a niece. The baby immediately won the heart of the singer, so she gladly accepted the invitation to become her godmother.

In order to do this, a 26-year-old singer went to Barbados. While RiRi was preparing for the ceremony and getting manicured, a little Nana was on her hands all the time and did not want for leave her second mother.

Rihanna is very scrupulous when it comes to self-care. When she was in Europe with her friends, RiRi called her manicurist from Los Angeles. The service cost the singer a considerable sum – $ 10 thousand. By the way, the artist always takes a professional eyelash extension specialist and a personal hairdresser on her trips.

Among other oddities of Rihanna is her obsessive love for football. During The FIFA World Cup 2014, she was actively supporting the German team, and at the end of the championship she decided to buy a small football club. The singer was so into the battles on the field, that she did not miss the opportunity to take photos with her favorite team and to hold the Cup in her hands. In Barbados, she has already opened a football academy for kids.