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Maroon 5’s new video with maniac butcher

New clip of Maroon 5 shocked the public for its cruelty and blood.

Maroon 5 new video with maniac butcher

Maroon 5 lead singer presented his new music video for the single "Animals", which shocked the public.

The butcher, played by the musician, is the hero of the video. All his dreams are about the fragile model Behati Prinsloo.

The video clearly shows how the butcher cuts up meat imagining the girl who drops by to his store to buy meat. In his mind, he cuts up her body.

But she does not want to get acquainted with him, frankly ignoring Levine. She refuses to meet with him in a nightclub.

Thereafter, Levine creates his own reality based on the photos of the model. In his imagination, they hug, dousing in blood.

In fact, the author of the music video Samuel Bayer and Maroon 5 band decided to draw public attention to the problem of sexual violence in such a way. In particular, this idea was born after hackers posted the photos of naked celebrities on the Web.