“Game of Thrones”: intriguing photos of 5th season appeared in network

Intriguing photos of fifth "Game of Thrones" appeared on Web

"Game of Thrones": intriguing photos of 5th season appeared in network

The work on the fifth season of "Game of Thrones" is still ongoing. The directors, who can get worldwide popularity with the help of this successful project, try to show all their skills and talent.

The actors happy to appear in the next season of the epopoeia are enjoying the shooting process, though, of course, not without difficulties.

Thus, the scene with naked Queen Cersei Baratheon cost the creators a lot of money. They spent 200 thousand dollars to ensure privacy and security. Two hundred people were watching so that some onlookers could not see how Lena Headey was walking naked.

And to the delight of all the fans who have re-read the book by George Martin and revise the previous series, the Internet got some pictures from the shooting. We decided to share them.

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