David Beckham starts whisky production

David Beckham presented his own whisky produced in Scotland in one of the oldest plants.

David Beckham

The most famous football player, as well as the well-known ladies" man David Beckham has decided to engage in the production of whisky together with his friend Simon Fuller and Diageo Company.

Presentation of a new line of Haig Club whisky was held on the outskirts of Edinburgh in Scotland, where it was produced.

Besides the Beckhams, the event was attended by Gordon and Tana Ramsay, the Professor Jimmy Choo, Tracy Phillips and many others. David said that it was a special night for him, as the whisky he created is unique both by the bottle design and by the characteristic flavors of the drink.

The footballer reported that Haig Club recipe went through time and carries an amazing legacy, which he hastens to share with the world.

It is to be recalled that David Beckham dedicated his life to not only to football. Since 2005, he is the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and Officer of the Order of the British Empire. Also, according to Arena magazine, he tops the list of the most influential people in the UK under 40.

However, whisky is not the last Beckham"s passion. Previously the footballer presented his own lingerie line, and later he engaged in the production of branded swimming trunks for boys and men.

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