“Game of Thrones”: scene with naked Cersei cost 200 thousand dollars

"Game of Thrones": work on the fifth season of "Game of Thrones" is ongoing. Of course, not without difficulties and incidents.

"Game of Thrones": scene with naked Cersei cost 200 thousand dollars

The fifth season of "Game of Thrones" shooting has surrounded itself with scandals and intrigue. Previously the church rebelled against the scene with Cersei Lannister"s repentance, not wanting Lena Headey to walk naked on its territory.

But this scene is very important, and it is impossible to cut it out. So the creators of the mega popular show had to allocate 200 thousand dollars to film it. This very sum of money the producers spent for short but crucial scene of Lady Godiva.

The lion"s share of this amount went to protect the actress and hold the shooting secretly. No one would like to see the crowd of onlookers coming to watch nude show of the favorite actress.

Four people who have signed non-disclosure documents were filming this scene four days. If one of them would like to flip lip, this weakness will cost him 250 thousand dollars. It would immediately cover the cost of the scene shooting.

By the way, two hundred people were watching, so that nobody else could see how lovely embarrassed Cersei was walking naked.

It is to be recalled that "Game of Thrones" is filmed by professional directors, the experts in their field. They meet every unexpected difficulty with real professionalism.


The fans should expect the fifth season of the favorite intriguing season the next spring, and until that time, they will be trying to predict how the TV series will end.

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