Pink gives up solo career

Famous singer Pink shocked her fans. She announced that she gave up solo career and decided to take back her old name.

Pink gives up solo career

The American worldwide known singer Pink is now asking to call her real name – Alecia Moore. She also decided to combine creative efforts with the Canadian musician Dallas Green, the vocalist of the City and Colour band, reported media.

Now, her fans will see real Alecia Moore, who will perform with Dallas Green as a part of a new band called You + Me. According to Alecia, the audience will not see usual Pink on the stage for a long time. The singer says that she constantly explores herself.

According to her, she has worked for many years in order to become a star named Pink. The singer does not deny that that's what she was, it was her nickname. At the same time, Alecia says that it is not her alter-ego. It is only singing. Alecia got her nickname Pink during her school years, as she was very shy and often blushed.

So far, there is nothing known about tours and future plans of the duet but the band has managed to record their debut album. "You + Me" also filmed a few video clips.

It is to be recalled that in September last year, the Billboard magazine awarded Pink (now Alecia) the Woman of the Year.

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