Miranda Kerr is seeing ex-boyfriend of Elizabeth Hurley

After divorcing Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom, there were lots of rumors about supermodel Miranda Kerr and her love affairs. Now it became known that the heart of the beautiful woman is stolen by a businessman Steve Bing, who was earlier seeing Hollywood beauty Elizabeth Hurley, who also is the mother of his child Damian Charles Hurley.

Miranda Kerr is seeing ex-boyfriend of Elizabeth Hurley

Last weekend, Steve, Miranda and her little son Flynn were seen in Malibu near Bing's mansion. According to the source, Kerr and her new lover were not ashamed of flirting with each other.

Miranda and her son arrived to the house of the billionaire, and the latter arrived a few minutes later. Paparazzi claim that about 11 pm, her child and the nurse left the house, but the former Victoria"s Secret model left with Bing.

By the way, Bing has bad reputation. In wider circles, the man is known by his frivolous attitude toward women, and some American tabloids even called him "a serial playboy". Steve had a lot of love affairs with female celebrities, which ended as suddenly as they began. He even broke up with Elizabeth Hurley when he found out she was pregnant. Despite the fact that at the moment of conception, they were a couple, the man denied paternity. Elizabeth underwent humiliating examination and proved that Bing is the father of her baby.

Who knows, maybe Miranda is not looking for a serious relationship, because it is hard to believe that she was not aware of his reputation as a womanizer.

It is to be recalled that recently the press was talking about Kerr seeing billionaire James Packer. Miranda was even made guilty in a fight between James and his friend, but the model said she had nothing to do with their conflict.

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