Victoria Beckham is bad mother

Victoria Beckham is a successful businesswoman and caring mother. Ex- Spice Girl has busy schedule, nevertheless she finds enough time for family.

Victoria Beckham is bad mother

However, not everyone believes it is enough and accuses the designer for careless toward her child. This disapproval was caused by a photo, taken by paparazzi when Victoria was leaving the kids" store. She was holding little Harper in the hands and a three-year girl had a pacifier in her mouth.

After seeing this picture, pediatricians immediately rang the alarm and said that Beckham hinders the child to develop and learn the world, the pacifier "shuts the girl's mouth." Doctors say that in order to complete all stages of maturation properly Harper should be able to talk, ask questions, and if she has a pacifier in her mouth, she can not do this. Doctors advised Victoria to get rid of the habit of giving her daughter a pacifier, and then Harper will become more socially active.

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