Russian hockey player arrested for domestic violence

In the United States, Russian hockey player Vyacheslav Voynov is accused of domestic violence.

In US Russian hockey player arrested for domestic violence

In the United States, the Russian hockey player of Los Angeles Kings Vyacheslav Voynov is arrested on charges of domestic violence. Details of the incident have not been disclosed, but some evidence suggests that very serious charges are imposed on him.

Now the player is barred from matches during the time of the criminal investigation conducting. His contract has a clause 18-1.5 which says the NHL has the right to suspend the athlete from competition if he can cause material damage or damage to reputation.

According to the Canadian television channel TSN, currently the league has enough information about the detention of the Russian hockey player. According to them, the situation is even more serious than previously it was with hockey player Varlamov, who was also accused of domestic violence. Under the rules of the NHL, the first detention on this issue allows to disqualify the athlete for six games, and the second one means a total ban on games in the league.

It is reported that Voynov was released on bail of 50 thousand dollars. The meeting on his case will begin on October 22. It was reported by Los Angeles Times reporter Lisa Dillman.

The woman who suffered from Voynov is now in the hospital. According to preliminary reports, she had serious injuries. She states she was in a relationship with the athlete.

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