Angelina Jolie became blonde

Angelina Jolie dyed her hair blonde for the new movie.

Angelina Jolie became blonde

Recently, media has been talking about the Hollywood diva Angelina Jolie more often. Most recently, she finally officially married her common-law husband and father of her children Brad Pitt. But this does not impedes her from active shooting.

Angelina Jolie became blonde

The actress even changed the color of her hair for the new movie. Of course, in fact, this movie is the creation of Jolie and her new husband Pitt.

Journalists can see how the woman, who changed her style, builds her relationship with handsome Brad filming "By the Sea". In this movie, Angelina will play the main role, a dancer Vanessa and her husband will become a writer.

Events of the film are developing around the couple in the south of France. The spouses begin to distance themselves from each other, but an unexpected adventure in a small town is changing their lives.

Earlier, Angie's husband told that his life with her was a continuous madness. They had each other's blood in the vial on their chests, lived in the basement, imitating favorite vampires. In addition, Angelina was too eccentric and unusual.

Even before her ex, drag dealer put the video on the Web where the Hollywood beauty is under the influence of drugs.

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