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Amanda Bynes leaves clinic prematurely

Just yesterday, it was reported that the treatment of scandalous actress Amanda Bynes will be continued for a month, and today it became known that the management of the clinic said her condition was stable and saw no more reason to keep the famous patient in the clinic forcibly. The doctors think she is seriously ill, but the 28-year-old Amanda has already left the walls of the institution.

Amanda Bynes leaves clinic prematurely

The girl's parents are upset by this decision because they become fully responsible for the health of their inadequate daughter again. Judicial authorities awarded them the custody of their adult daughter and gave the right to command her finances.

Eyewitnesses have already seen Amanda in a restaurant on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, where Bynes bought "a huge amount of food."

It is to be recalled that this is the second time the girl is in such an institution. Last year she spent two weeks there, and then began to live in her parents' house. However, a few weeks ago, she left it, and stopped using prescribed medications. Moreover, according to her friends, Amanda started using drugs and alcohol that effect her condition. Antics of the actress became more serious, but after she accused her own father of molesting her, her parents got sick and took her to the clinic by deceit. We hope that this time Amanda will make it better.