Lindsay Lohan secretly dating Tom Cruise?

Western tabloids do not stop surprising with their news of show business. This time, Tom Cruise and Lindsey Lohan are the main characters.

Lindsay Lohan secretly dating Tom Cruise?

According to the press, Tom and Lindsay met at a party in London. They started flirting, "Lindsay was trying to attract Tom's attention. She always wanted to talk with him and could not believe her luck when she faced with him at a party. Apparently, Lohan thinks of Cruz as "the sexiest man on earth."

However, other sources say that the rumors about the love affair of Lindsay and Tom are untrue, "Tom Cruise and Lindsay Lohan aren't the most likely couple in Hollywood but that hasn't stopped rumors circulating that the pair had been secretly dating. As weird and wonderful as this prospect is, our imaginations have been brought back to reality with a thump." According to the MailOnline representatives for Miss Lohan have said there is absolutely no truth at all to the reports that emerged earlier this week that she is dating the Top Gun totty.

What do you think, can the star of "Mission Impossible" and a novice theatrical actress seeing each other?

What do you think?

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