Angelina Jolie tells how she feels after wedding

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, recently married to Brad Pitt, share her experience related to changes in her marital status.

Angelina Jolie tells how she feels after wedding

The actress gave an interview to Vanity Fair and admitted that now she perceives the relationship with Brad absolutely differently. However, Jolie likes to feel herself a married woman, reports

Also the actress told about some details of the wedding ceremony. For example, it was found that the children of the star couple wrote solemn vows to their parents. According to the actress, the couple was forced to promise that they will always apologize to each other after a fight. Moreover, Jolie confessed, now after every quarrel between the spouses, their children remind them they need to apologize.

Jolie also said that they gained the fame of "crazy" ones among their friends because of the fact that they have found more than an unexpected activity for honeymoon. The newlyweds were busy filming the movie, devoted to the relationship of a couple going through a deep crisis.

Earlier, it was reported that Angelina Jolie has expressed her concern about what is happening in Ukraine.

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