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Naomi Campbell “on war path” with Ebola

Naomi Campbell decided to open charity stores to help fighting the terrible disease that keeps the world in terror.

Naomi Campbell "on war path" with Ebola

The most famous top model Naomi Campbell called Ebola a "God's punishment", and decided to be on the "war path" with it. To do this, she will open a charity shop of designer outfits, and sell fashionable clothes for the sake of fighting the disease. On November 28, a boutique will open at the Westfield London mall.

The super-model herself and her friends donated clothes to the charity project. In addition, the aim of the new charity project is dissemination of information about the terrible disease.

The charitable company Fashion for Relief has existed since 2005. Previously they raised money for the victims of the devastation of hurricanes and other large-scale disasters. Several years ago, the black model has already opened a similar store in the same center. She managed to collect 20 pounds.

It is to be recalled that recently Naomi, who lives in the world of fashion, decided to become a designer. "Black Panther" has decided that she is ready not only to demonstrate clothes, but also to make it.

Now several fashion houses are in talks with her about the collaboration. Of course, everyone would be happy to work with such a famous women, because her name is a ticket to success.