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Madonna’s dresses sold for $ 3.2 million

A collection of dresses and stage costumes of Madonna was sold at auction in California.

Madonna"s dresses sold for $ 3.2 million

The singer's outfits were sold at the auction in California for $ 3.2 million. The jacket Madonna was wearing starring in the film "Desperately Seeking Susan" was the most expensive lot. It was sold for $ 252,000. The Fuschia dress from Material Girl video clip went for $ 73.1 thousand.

Madonna's dress, which she wore to the wedding with the actor Sean Penn in 1985, was sold for $ 81.2 thousand, and the dress from the wardrobe of the tour "Who's That Girl" raised $ 50,000.

At the auction, presenting not only the things of Madonna and other famous artists, John Lennon"s glasses attracted buyers" attention of $ 25,000. The ring of Elvis Presley was also popular, it was sold for $ 57.6 thousand.

The auctions organized by Julien's Auction, were held on November 7 and 8 at the gallery in Beverly Hills. At the auction there were presented more than 700 items that belonged to David Bowie, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Michael Jackson and other iconic performers.