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Eminem became older and repented

The reporters did not like the way the eternally young rapper Eminem looks in his famous woolen cap.

Eminem became older and repented

At the awards ceremony organized by Wall Street Journal in New York, the media noted that the 42-year-old musician was very thin and aged, joinfo.ua reports with reference to the Mirror.

The guests present at the ceremony, were surprised by unhealthful look of always-spirited bully, his sunken cheeks and protruding cheekbones eloquently testified that the rapper is in an extremely emaciated condition.

Such a dramatic actor's transfiguration can be explained only by the fact that Eminem finally gave up on drugs and even spoke about his heroic deeds in the documentary film. The reporters noted that "the effects of treatment, as well as the impact of illicit substances on Eminem's body is visible to the naked eye".

Earlier it was reported that Eminem repented for using heroin and crack cocaine, regretting that his "liver, kidneys and other organs, they all went to hell".

Earlier, it was reported that Eminem is in the Guinness Book of Records.