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Unfading Jennifer Aniston in futuristic photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar

Actress Jennifer Aniston with original photoshoot in tight dresses covers the winter issue of Harper"s Bazaar.

Unfading Jennifer Aniston in futuristic photoshoot

Jennifer Aniston gives reason to gossip about herself. One day she appears in public in provocative dress and causes pregnancy rumors, another day she takes off her engagement ring and the press starts talking about her breakup with Justin. But elegance is something that can not be taken away from Aniston. Once again she demonstrated her flawless figure in the futuristic photo shoot for the Harper's Bazaar magazine.

In addition, the actress talked about her boyfriend Justin Theroux. She is delighted with the talent of her fiancé and versatility of his personality. Besides acting, Theroux paints murals and works as a director. Jennifer likes the fact that with all his accomplishments her fiancé remains humble and not presumptuous.

Aniston has a great character feature – she does not hold grudge and malice. Jennifer believes that grudge is like a toxic that poisons the human from inside.

As for her personal life, Jennifer Aniston has already set the date of the wedding. However, she decided not to say a word to journalists and fans of the couple, because the actors don't like such close attention to their personal lives.

Earlier, Jennifer admitted that the questions about pregnancy and future offsprings annoy her. She believes that such a pressure violates the rights of childless women.