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Stylish mom Beyoncé shows her daughter

Beyonc? adores her little girl and enjoys spending time with her.

Stylish mom Beyoncé shows her daughter

Beyoncé is rightly awarded the status of the main fashionista. She and her entire family, including a two-year baby, demonstrate impeccable street style. They delight their fans with stylish clothes of famous designers.

Little Blue Ivy, who doesn't mind wearing her mother's heels is getting used to style too. Recently, the star was seen near the multibrand store in Beverly Hills. Beyoncé was wearing heeled sandals, denim shorts and volumetric light blouse. The girl was keeping pace with her mom: Blue had neat chignon, she was wearing striped dress and leather jacket.

However, the rapper looked unusually simply in the light shirt, dark pants and white sneakers.

It is to be recalled that recently in the network, there appeared a touching romantic video of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, convincing their haters and press that their family are doing well and the couple is not going to divorce.

It is to be noted that this summer, the media reported that Beyoncé and Jay-Z have already divorced and even took off their wedding rings, a symbol of their union.