Amber Heard breaks up with Johnny Depp because of alcohol

Recently, the foreign press reported that the Hollywood couple of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard would get married.

Amber Heard breaks up with Johnny Depp because of alcohol

According to the latest information, the wedding Johnny and Amber were looking forward to will not take place. The reason for it was a drunken prank of Johnny Depp, which has angered and offended Amber Heard.

Some sources say 28-year-old Johnny's girlfriend was very angry about the mindless antics of her lover when he came drunk on stage of the Hollywood Film Awards.

"Amber could not believe that Johnny made a fool of himself. It hurt her very much, she was furious," close people of the couple say.

It is also reported that Amber Heard wanted to become a mother, but after what happened, she simply can not imagine how Johnny Depp will bring up their children.

As for Depp, he admitted that he was not sober at the ceremony, but he did provide any explanations. The press states that at the moment the actor is trying to stay away from anything, including Amber.

It was already mentioned that the wedding was canceled on the initiative of Amber Heard. The American society was looking forward to the wedding of the main Pirate of the Caribbean, but, apparently, it was not to be.

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