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David Beckham had car accident with his son

Famous footballer David Beckham had a car accident. There was his son in the car too.

David Beckham had car accident with his son

According to the foreign press, David Beckham, the former football player of Manchester United and Real had a car accident. During the collision of two cars, the footballer injured his shoulder. It is reported that in the car there was his 16-year-old son Brooklyn, joinfo.ua writes.

It is learned that David Beckham was taking his son after the game in the football school "Arsenal". According to eyewitnesses, during the collision with another car 16-year-old Brooklyn was unharmed, while his father injured his shoulder.

This is not the first accident with the name of the former England captain. For example, last year he was involved in an accident twice, but he did not get serious injuries.

Police drew attention to the frequent speeding and unsafe driving behavior of the famous football player. According to police, these factors cause frequent road accidents Beckham has.