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Angelina Jolie turns her daughter into a boy

At the premiere of Unbroken the children of Angelina Jolie surprised the audience by unusual look.

Angelina Jolie turns her daughter into a boy

Two sons and a daughter of the star wore the same strict men's suits. Why the young daughter chose to wear the suit instead of a dress is not reported. However, it is known that Shiloh's grandparents were not happy with the fact that their granddaughter appears in public as a boy.

Apparently, the star mother, actress Angelina Jolie promotes this image of the girl. Her parents recently told the foreign media that they have given their granddaughter beautiful dresses and dolls. However, her mother strongly opposes her daughter growing up as a "glamorous dummy." So the Hollywood diva decided to use such a radical method to suppress her daughter's cravings for the attributes of glamorous life.

It was noted earlier that Angelina Jolie vigilantly watches over the morals of her children. Recently, it was reported that the woman even controls the content her children see on the Internet, including social networks.

The star mom, as we know, is not registered in any of the social networks and carefully watches over the privacy of her personal life.