Justin Bieber buys plane for Christmas

This year 20-year-old R&B singer Justin Bieber has enjoyed Christmas to the fullest. The young star was presented a luxurious gift by

Justin Bieber buys plane for Christmas

Apparently, this Christmas is the most prominent one for Justin, since this year the young man became the owner of the aircraft one can be jealous of.

Bieber posted the photo of his new toy on the web and wrote, "Merry Christmas she"s a beauty!"

The singer published a picture of the cabin equipped in the best traditions of high-end air transport – shiny walls and white leather seats, decorated with gold pillows.

Now Justin Bieber can avoid tedious pastime at the passport control and enjoy the luxury and comfort of his present.

It was already mentioned that because of the numerous incidents with his neighbors, the star boy decided to move to another house. The American star chose a glass one. Its structure is completely transparent, since all its walls are made of glass.

For the pleasure to live in this "crystal house" Bieber will pay 60 thousand dollars a month.

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