Britney Spears arranges Christmas pajama party

Britney Spears spent Christmas in the cozy family atmosphere with her beloved man.

Britney Spears and Charlie Ebersol are happy together. And they are happy to share their happiness and love with the fans. About a month ago the pop star told that they were only getting to know each other, and now the couple spends all their spare time together. Charlie has literally become a member of her family.

In addition, Britney's beloved man found a common language with her children Jayden and Sean. Yesterday they celebrated Catholic Christmas together. They all were dressed in matching pajamas and Britney and Charlie put on the hats. Posting such a cozy picture on the background of their elegant Christmas tree on Instagram Britney wished everyone happy holidays.

It is to be recalled that Britney Spears had a very difficult period in her life, but gradually everything has worked out for her and she has become a great mother and beloved woman. Her love affair with Charlie Ebersol is gaining momentum and pleases fans of the singer.

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