Jackie Chan’s son serves full sentence and releases

The son of the legendary Chinese actor Jackie Chan was released from prison. The young man spent 6 months in jail.

Photo: Bobby Yip / Reuters

As it is known, the young man had to suffer six-month penalty for marijuana use, reports. Jaycee Chan was detained in late August last year. Also it was taken into account the time he spent in jail awaiting court hearing and imposition of sentence. It was reported by the foreign edition South China Morning Post.

Jaycee Chan was released at about three o'clock in the morning. For Saturday morning there is already scheduled a press conference with the participation of 32-year-old actor. Within the event the son of legendary Jackie Chan will have to formally apologize for his actions.

In his previous speech Jaycee admitted that he violated the law and deserved the punishment. Also the young man promised not to repeat this mistake and disappoint the trust of his relatives.

Recently, actor Jackie Chan presented public apologies too, noting that he was not trying to use his contacts in order to mitigate the fate of his offspring.

It was reported earlier that the son of Jackie Chan was sentenced to 6 months in prison for marijuana use.

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