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The Grand Final of the Knight Tournament will be held on Saturday near Kyiv

On Saturday, November 14, Ancient Kyiv is calling on the grand final of the tournament of the historic battle "Knight of Kyiv Detynets"
The Grand Final of the Knight Tournament will be held on Saturday near Kyiv

Knights in full armor with sword in their hands and strong will to win are going to fight for the right of superiority among the best.

These fights are not a performance, but the real fierce battle. Full contact fights – helmets will deflect the blows, and the blades will break. During the year, 15 teams competed the tournament, which was more than a hundred of the strongest athletes from all over Ukraine. Only two of the strongest teams will cross swords in the final of the tournament. Fights will take place in the categories “sword – sword” and “shield – sword”; and group fights “5 of 5 fighters” will be a hit of the entertainment, Joinfo.ua reports.

The ceremony of honoring the winners will take place in the evening. The president of Kyivan Rus Park Volodymyr Yanchenko will give the awards to the best fighters in the tournament in the nominations: “sword – sword” and “shield – sword”. And, of course, the winning team will receive the main prize of the tournament – the Cup of Ancient Kyiv.


Visitors of Kyivan Rus Park performances are also welcome to hiking and equestrian theater of Ancient Kyiv Slavonic games, fun competitions, dances. They will be able to change into a suit of ancient inhabitant of Kyiv and have a bright photo session, make a souvenir at one of the workshops or to get ready for the fair of the masters.

On Sunday, November 15, in Ancient Kyiv will be held an informative and entertaining program “Living History.” You will be able to learn about various aspects people’s life in times of Kyivan Rus. And you also can do what your ancestors were engaged into a thousand and more years ago – take a ride on horseback, archery, play medieval games and more.

The price of the ticket on Saturday, November 14 is 150 UAH for seniors, for students – 75 UAH, for school-age children – 50 UAH. The ticket price on Sunday, November 15 – 100 UAH for seniors and for students – 50 UAH, for school-age children also 50 UAH, preschool children – free of charge.

Ancient Kyiv in Kyivan Rus Park is located in Kopachiv, Obukhiv district, Kyiv region. You can get there from Kyiv on a shuttle from the metro station Vydubychi.