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23 Hottest Pictures Of Ariana Grande

23-year-old Ariana Grande burst onto the scene in 2008 and she shows no signs on slowing down. She's a singer and actress and has had an extremely successful career thus far. With all those things under her belt, Ariana has manged to look good through it all, in fact, she's hot as hell.

23. Throwback Photo


This picture goes way back to the days when Ariana played Kat, with the signature red hair. In the picture, she’s enjoying a well deserved vacation.

22. Silver Screen Diva


Ariana is known for her little two-piece outfits, most of which are high-waist. She always exposes her lovely legs, along with that amazing voice of hers.

21. Desert Goddess


There’s just something about a beautiful girl being in a desert, wearing some short-shorts, a crop top and a jacket that makes us sigh in delight.

20. Drop It Like It’s Hot


Ariana showed us that she has quite a few dance moves up her sleeve in her ‘Focus’ music video. Her low drops, legs lifts and shimmies left us wanting a lot more.

19. No Ponytail


We absolutely love Ariana here without her signature ponytail. She looks a little bit more grown up, but just as sexy. We think she should rock her hair like this a little more.

18. Seahawks Secret Weapon


Who knew Ariana was a football fan? We didn’t but we’re glad that we found out. She looks so hot in this picture and we didn’t even have to see her face. Go Seahawks!

17. One More Problem


Pictured here is Ariana’s album art cover for her ‘Problem’ single with Izzy Azalea. Her laid back pose takes nothing away from how sexy she looks.

16. Get Low


We may not be able to see her face, but we don’t need to. Her silhouette is driving us absolutely crazy. Ariana + heels+ being bent over= perfection.

15. Pop Goes the Bubblegum


Blowing bubble gum sure looks sexy, or maybe it’s the fact that Ariana is the one doing it. She’s rocking her custom ponytail, eyeliner and sexy wink.

14. Bold Bodysuit


Ariana is killing us slowly in this graphic bodysuit. The white lines on the outfit has our minds wandering in places it shouldn’t. What a dangerous woman!

13. Lady in Red


We wish Ariana would dance with us in this ultra tight, red leather outfit. Her expression screams innocence but her dress says otherwise. Which is it Ariana?

12. Leather and Lace


It seems like many celebrities love combining the softness of lace with the hardness of leather, and we can definitely tell why. Ariana is definitely pulling off this look and is serving us some sexy dominatrix bunny realness.

11. Ariana x Tupac


Only Ariana could manage to make the tough Tupac t-shirt sexy. We just love the flash of leg she shows and the simple, yet sultry makeup she has on.

10. More Legs


At this point, Ariana seriously needs to come out with a tell-all book, letting us know how she got those amazing stunners we refer to as legs. We really can’t get enough of those.

9. Leopard Lady


Is it possible to be cute and sexy at the same time? Well Ariana always manages to pull it off. With her cute leopard ears, sexy pout and jaw-dropping pose, she’s checked off everything we were looking for.

8. Long hair (and legs), don’t care


This is one of the rare pictures of Ariana without her hair up in a ponytail. And the jury may still be out of which style they prefer, but we’re loving her pose and outfit. It’s sexy without her trying too hard.

7. Up in the air


Is anyone else wondering how flexible Ariana is after seeing this picture? Well we are. This picture is a testament to her ability as it is extremely hard to sing and dance at the same time. Not only that, but to hold your leg up at that angle, we have to give her props for that.

6. Legs for days


Let’s face it, Ariana has a great pair of legs. They’re smooth, creamy and seem to go forever. We just can’t get enough of those gams.

5. Thigh-high


Ariana loves herself some thigh-high boots. And even more distracting is her current pose and the assets that she’s popping out. This is one picture we’ll never be able to forget.

4. Latex Lover


There’s something about a beautiful woman in latex, even if it’s just bunny ears. This shot was taken from Ariana’s Dangerous Woman single, and we can definitely see why. She looks like she could conquer the world with that get-up.

3. Angel for a day


Ariana proved that she could keep up with some of the most beautiful women in the world while performing at the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in London. Her outfit was nowhere as revealing as the Angels’ but she still look very beautiful.

2. Selfie Princess


Even her innocent selfies have us drooling. Maybe it’s something to do with her wink, her gorgeous lips and face or the peek of cleavage she has going on. Either way, we’re loving it.

1. Naughty School Girl