Ariana Grande: Pop star and style star

Ariana Grande: Pop star and style star
Ariana Grande has gained as much attention for her signature style throughout the years as she has for her songs (and, ehem, those provocative lyrics).

While the 23-year-old pop star’s sartorial side isn’t exactly one you’d want to emulate every day, her trademark blend of cute meets sexy has influenced a legion of followers to test funky hair accessories, inky eyeliner, matte lips and more, according to The Province.

In recent years, Ariana Grande’s style has become slightly more sophisticated, but she still continues to rock her trademark ponytail, crop tops and plenty of leg-baring hemlines. Some things, it seems, don’t change.

Follow along as we break down a few of Grande’s most notable styles.


The hair

Hairstylist Aaron Light is the mastermind behind Grande’s trademark high ponytail. While she previously sported the look with a half-up half-down approach, lately her locks have been reaching new lengths (as in, a high-and-tight ponytail that reaches to her waist).

Fans from back in her Disney days will likely recall the star had a much shorter and much curlier coif. While she’s dabbled with bangs, we’ve yet to see a full return to texture.

The makeup

Grande has long been a fan of sporting a faux glow, precise cat eyeliner, lengthy lashes and nude lips. Lately, the star’s makeup artist, Daniel Chinchilla, has been switching things up adding in a statement lip in berry mattes and retro reds.

Still with that trademark glow, eyeliner and lashes, of course.

The ears

Grande fully embraced the whole cat-ear headband thing. Fully. In 2014, it was rare to get a glimpse of the star — on the red carpet, on stage or on her social feeds — without them. She even wore them in her music video for the song Love Me Harder, featuring The Weeknd.

Ariana has just posted another look with ears on Instagram:



Публикация от Ariana Grande (@arianagrande)


Even though the accessory seemed like an unlikely thing to catch on with the rest of the world, it somehow did. (Don’t believe me? “Where are Ariana Grande’s cat ears from?” is a recommended search term in Google.) She even created a limited edition pair of cat ear adorned headphones (with the chromed ears functioning as exterior speakers) in partnership with Brookstone.

Grande reportedly began wearing the ears one Halloween and never took them off. But the cat ears have been making fewer appearances lately in favour of more sophisticated accoutrements, such as pearls.

The outfits

No two ways about it, Grande is big on sporting sexy styles.

But while the star appears to favour crop tops and mini skirts both on and offstage, she seems to be embracing a slightly more sophisticated style since acquiring the help of celebrity stylist Law Roach (who works with Zendaya and Celine Dion).

Since pairing with Roach in 2015, Grande has upped her sartorial range by wearing a host of high-fashion designers — from Christian Siriano and Versace to Alexander McQueen and Giambattista Valli — on the red carpet.

But fans can expect to see their fair share of crop tops and short skirts on display during her Dangerous Woman Tour stop at Rogers Arena. New tour, same old Ariana Grande.

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